- Alchemic Golden Shampoo gently cleanses golden blond and honey blonde hair, helping to intensify natural and cosmetic highlights.

- Alchemic Golden Conditioner is a colored conditioner, based on milk proteins which intensifies and accentuates the natural and cosmetic reflections of golden blonde and honey blonde hair

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Shampoo results:

Brings shine to hair.

Intensifies the blondes of the hair.

Manual :

Apply to wet hair and massage gently.

Rinse thoroughly and repeat the operation if necessary.

Active ingredients:

Delicate surfactants for gentle cleaning, respecting the hair and its color.

Hydrolysed milk proteins for an intense detangling and protective action.

Provitamin B5 for deep hydration of the hair and a pronounced shiny effect.

Olive Oil PEG-7 Ester derived from olive oil and restores the natural hydro-lipid balance for healthy and protected hair.

Skincare results:

It maintains the shine and luminosity of the color over time. pH 4.8

Directions for use: After the Golden shampoo, dab with a towel and apply the right amount of conditioner along the entire length, taking care to distribute it evenly. Leave on for 5 to 8 minutes. Rinse carefully

Active ingredients: Milk proteins: for an intense detangling and protective action of the hair, and thus helping to combat the formation of double ends. Direct dyes: specific to intensify and make the natural or cosmetic color more durable. Color-specific conditioner: to help give the hair a shiny and silky appearance and protect the color

Alchemic System - DAVINES

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