PREAMBLE TERMS AND CONDITIONS The HairWord ad online service managed by the company HairWord 56 FBG Ltd. (hereinafter HairWord Platform) enables the linking of advertisers vendors (hereinafter the Sellers) and buyers (the Buyers) products (hereinafter products). Sellers and Buyers are hereinafter jointly referred Members. Platform HairWord allows the conclusion of contracts for sale of products. Members are only makers of the realization of the purchase and sale of the Products. The acceptance of these Terms of Use by Members HairWord Platform is the mandate given to HairWord to link buyers and sellers and make the transactions made ​​on the site HairWord in the manner below. DEFINITIONS 01 Platform HairWord: means the functional and organizational structure established by HairWord allowing members Connecting Sellers and Buyers Products. Tenders must operate according to computer telecommunications means described in HairWord Documentation. Product: means the products may be a Relationship Getting through the Platform HairWord. Forbidden product: Products means contrary to morality or unauthorized by law, regulation or contract. These include products that would constitute infringing products under the Code of intellectual property to be sold in violation of networks of selective and exclusive distribution. This definition also includes coupons or discount codes or promotional offers. Seller: means a member making an offer to sell a product on the Platform HairWord. Buyer: means a Member which has indicated its acceptance of the offer of a Salesman. Member: means singular or plural a Seller or Buyer may make use of the platform HairWord after acceptance of Terms. Each Member undertakes to provide accurate information as to his identity, address and other data needed to access the Platform HairWord and update any change in such information. To access the benefits of the platform HairWord, each Member shall be 18 years of age and have a delivery address in France or in countries of the European Union. Price: means proposed by the Seller for its offer to sell a product price. The Award is the site of the Commission HairWord. Regarding the books, the new price is defined and within the limits of the law of 10 August 1981 on the price of the book (Loi Lang). Price of the Transaction: means the total price of the Product paid by Buyer, including, in addition to the sale price of the Product, postage defined as a lump sum. Base References: means the internal database of the Platform HairWord including, without limitation, product codes of the products likely to be an offer by the Seller. Product Code: means the singular and the plural, the EAN code (bar code) or equivalent constituting the identifier of a product as described in the Base's Reference HairWord Documentation. HairWord Documentation: means information consisting of frequently asked questions ("FAQ / Contact") and pages "How to Sell" and "How to Buy" HairWord available on the site.   02 RE These Terms and Conditions of use of the Platform HairWord aim to define conditions under which Members are allowed to use the Platform HairWord for them to operate Getting Relationship.   03 BOND HairWord 3.1 HairWord agrees to make available to Members on the Platform offers HairWord Sellers. HairWord receives for this purpose, mandate from the Seller to make available to Buyer the offers provided by the Seller. Each vendor HairWord adhering to the platform, is committed to treating all claims following the sale of a product on its professional space. 3.2 HairWord is by no means a reseller of products as part of the Development and Relationship does not, unless stated specific provisions contained in this contract, in possession of the products. 3.3 HairWord can not guarantee that the product will meet the Seller Buyer. Similarly, HairWord Seller can not guarantee that the product will not be returned or that the sale will not be canceled by the Buyer. 3.4 HairWord makes available to the Purchaser on completion of the transaction with a Seller, service commantaires to share its experience in this transaction.         04 SALES PROCESS 4.1 The contract of sale is entered into between the Purchaser and the Seller under the condition of the confirmation of the availability of the product by the Seller. The date on which the sale is deemed to have occurred when the condition precedent has been performed is the receipt and collection of the full price of the Transaction paid by Buyer; payment of the price of a product by Buyer to Seller as agreement in the offering. Buyer acknowledges that its acceptance of the offer is made in consideration of the details of the Products being sold and it is firm to contract with the Seller the conditions of supply commitment.     OBLIGATIONS OF MEMBERS 05 5.1 By registering with HairWord, the Member has a unique identifier and a registered strictly personal access code, he agrees to keep confidential. The Registered Member is only permitted to use the Platform HairWord using the username and the registered password. The Member agrees not to offer to any other person access under identity or nickname to the Platform HairWord. Assuming he has knowledge that another person is accessing it, the Member shall inform HairWord immediately and confirm this information by mail. 5.2 The Member agrees not to take an identifier infringing a third party. Member does not adopt, for example, an identifier infringing an intellectual property right to a trademark, a name or any information directly or indirectly personal. 5.3 The Member agrees not to create or use other accounts as originally created, either under its own identity or that of third parties. Any exceptions to this rule must be an explicit request from the Member and expressly and specifically authorized HairWord. Failure to create or use new accounts under his own identity or that of third parties without having sought and obtained permission to HairWord may result in immediate suspension of the accounts of the Member and all associated services. 5.4 In case of dispute between Members, the parties agree that the production HairWord recordings servers HairWord using Platform HairWord including access of registered Member codes are valid between the parties. 5.5 The Member agrees not to sell, sell, let for sale or purchase, whether directly or indirectly, Prohibited Substances. 5.6 The Member expressly forbidden to sell and / or purchase, whether directly or indirectly, of Prohibited Substances and use information which he would have access to the Platform HairWord to purchase or the sale of such Prohibited Substances. The Member agrees to immediately notify HairWord where he would find the online for such products. 5.7 HairWord reserves the right to suspend the Member's account immediately and to inform the competent authorities any purchase, any offer to sell, or attempt to offer to sell the platform HairWord of Prohibited Substances. In such a situation, the Member shall be liable to pay filing fees, a fixed amount of 20 euros plus a variable amount of 20% of the sales / order, they can not be less than 100 euros duty. The Member authorizes HairWord to collect support payments from the escrow pursuant to sections 6.8 and following account. 5.8 The Member agrees to comply with the conditions attached to the use of discount coupons that may be awarded by HairWord. 5.9 In case of non-compliance with the provisions of Articles 5.8, 6.1 and 6.4, the member is liable, notwithstanding the payment of amounts due primarily to a contractual penalty equal to 20% of the duty amount involved (value coupons or amount of commission) with a minimum of 100 € excluding tax. The Member authorizes HairWord to collect support payments from the escrow pursuant to sections 6.8 and following account. 5.10 The Member undertakes to inform valid contact information in his account and keep them updated.     06 DUTIES OF VENDORS 6.1 Seller agrees that any offer of a product corresponds to a physical asset which has the full ownership and sales capability, available immediately. Is therefore unable to be offered for sale any intangible such as, for example, a domain name, a hyperlink, an account associated with a world of online gambling, a debt or a share of company. 6.2 The Seller undertakes to describe the product offered for sale according to the criteria used by the HairWord HairWord Documentation. The description of the product should match its actual characteristics. Seller mention: the product name, product characteristics, its use as proposed by state HairWord grid (see Documentation HairWord description of the quality of goods), the price of the Transaction and, if applicable, the Product code. Seller further agrees to maintain its current inventory. 6.3 The seller is solely responsible for the proper performance of the duty to inform buyers of the essential characteristics of the product and, if applicable, the assessment of charges. He is solely responsible for the description of the products it offers for sale. It guarantees HairWord any claim relating to the content and form of that description. Seller agrees to perform all validations, audits and provide the necessary details so that the description and details of the tender are true and do not induce the Buyer error. If error description, elements of supply and / or evaluation of shipping, Seller will assume any additional costs only and no claim on his part shall be entertained in this regard both to the Buyer as HairWord. 6.4 The Seller will confirm or deny the offer of sale within three business days following receipt of an e-mail informing him that the HairWord proposed by him on the Platform Product HairWord found a buyer. No reply from him after a period of three days worth denial of the offer to sell. After two defects in response to said email, HairWord temporarily idle deals Seller Platform HairWord. Seller who is absent more than 3 days will withdraw from sale its products. HairWord makes available the option "You go on holiday" to program the automatic online discount offers. 6.5 The seller is solely responsible for the proper performance of the obligation to deliver the product ordered. The Seller agrees to send, at its expense, the Product properly packaged later than two business days following the date of communication of the address of the buyer. In case of unavailability of the ordered Product, professional Seller may provide a quality product and a price equivalent to the Buyer. Product trip to the risk and expense of the Seller. 6.6 Upon shipment of the Product to Buyer, Seller agrees to insert an advertisement for itself. All other advertising for anyone, in any form whatsoever (ie: message, placard, flyer, sticker stick ...) it is not permitted. The details of the buyer shall be used solely for the purposes of execution of the order and the legal obligations attached to it. Any other use, lease, sell, resell or copy of the Seller are expressly prohibited. 6.7 Obligations of professional sellers (see Terms PRO) 6.7.1 The Seller acting as a professional must identify themselves to HairWord as such by sending the registration of an extract of KBIS. After receiving HairWord reserves the right not to contract with a professional seller. 6.7.2 HairWord recall that Seller acting as a professional obligation to respect the laws and regulations relating to the exercise of a business distance selling professionally. It will include ensuring its reporting obligations of social and tax. The Seller shall comply with the regulations on waste electronic and electrical equipment, ensuring compliance and commercial guarantees. 6.7.3 The Seller shall establish in favor of the Purchaser an individual statement that the sale made ​​and an invoice in accordance with legal requirements referring to the product sold and the price of the Transaction. This certificate will include mentioning the existence and terms of exercising the right of withdrawal from the Seller to the Purchaser. 6.7.4 The Seller agrees to comply with the Terms PRO     6.8 Financial Provisions 6.8.1 The Seller shall charge, in its name and on its behalf, the price of the transaction through the secure electronic payment system set up on the platform HairWord by the bank of the Seller.   07 BUYER OBLIGATIONS 7.1 HairWord may need, in exceptional circumstances and in order to fight against possible fraud, to conduct a validation of the identity of the buyer. Failure to supply the information required by HairWord as part of the validation of identity, HairWord may cancel the transaction made ​​by the Buyer. 7.2 The Buyer agrees to comply with all laws and regulations relating to the acquisition of assets of any kind. In particular, the Purchaser is warned that it is likely to be classified as intra purchaser within the meaning of Article 256 bis of the General Tax Code, the party making the private copying remuneration due for any purchase from a foreign vendor, removable media subject to the royalty (CD-R, DVD-R ...). For more information, Buyers can contact SORECOP / COPY FRANCE at Similarly, the Purchaser is warned that it is likely to be sued by the Authority for the payment of VAT and customs duties on the acquisition of products from dealers outside the European Union. 7.3 The Buyer shall have a standard letter box consistent with the recommendations of postal services (dimension of the mailbox, specifying the coordinates of the residents ...) 7.4 The fact that one or more products ordered (s) to one or more dealers on the Platform HairWord do so (are) not available (s) is not a ground for waiver of all of the Products; Buyer is required by his acceptance of the offer or the other product (s) available (s). 7.5 Upon receipt of the Products ordered, the Purchaser shall confirm their compliance with the order. Otherwise, the Buyer will file a claim. If after 15 days from the date of purchase, no confirmation or complaint has been received, the transaction is deemed perfect. The transaction is also deemed perfect upon confirmation from the Purchaser. 7.6 - Unpaid - If unpaid after fraudulent use of a means of payment, HairWord apply to Buyer application fee in an amount equal to 20% of the unpaid amount, provided that such expense be not less than one hundred (100) euros before tax. The Member authorizes HairWord to collect the amount of the unpaid, plus fee, the escrow account of the Member.         08 CLAIMS AND RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL 8.1 Any claim of whatever nature relating to a product will necessarily be filed with HairWord through the site forms specially designed for this purpose. The claim must be detailed and clearly state the reasons for dissatisfaction. The buyer files a complaint may be withdrawn at any time. Any withdrawal is final. Members will act with all due care is necessary for the proper resolution of the claim. They will cooperate with HairWord and issue the necessary background to process the claim. They agree to meet the terms of processing claims set forth below or communicated by HairWord. Failure to comply with these terms, the claim will not be processed. 8.2 In case of complaint until resolution of the dispute, the Member's account may be temporarily blocked HairWord. Where a number of claims against the same Member or high cancellation by that rate, HairWord also reserves the right to temporarily or permanently block the account of the Member. 8.3 Non-receipt of order 8.3.1 The Buyer agrees to wait 15 days after notification of a sale to file with HairWord a claim in case of non-receipt, total or partial, of the Products ordered unless the Seller acknowledges that not sending the product ordered. 8.3.2 A claim of total non-receipt of product ordered, substantiated by HairWord can result unless fraud, refund to the buyer by the seller. 8.3.3 In case of non-compliance by the Seller of the terms sending HairWord does not guarantee reimbursement in case of loss or theft. 8.3.4 If, after two unsuccessful attempts at delivery, the Product is returned to the Seller and in the absence of a claim within 15 days after the notification, it will be repaid to the Purchaser (in accordance with section 8.7) by the Seller. The product will become the property of the seller which will again free disposal. 8.4 Failure to Comply 8.4.1 A complaint alleging the failure of the Product shall oblige the Buyer to return the Product in the manner specified by HairWord. 8.4.2 The return of a product will only be accepted if the subject of a claim and the Buyer follows the instructions issued by the aftermarket HairWord service. Buyer agrees to properly pack the product and to take all precautions for transportation. 8.4.3 After evidence of non-compliance of the product with respect to the offer of professional Seller, the Seller will exchange a product of the same reference to the same or higher quality its availability. In this case, the Buyer will retain the option to demand repayment. In case of unavailability of the product, the Seller will refund the price of the Transaction, if it was debited from the account of the Buyer. Professional Seller shall refuse to change a returned because of its non-compliance with its offer product or refund the return in case of unavailability of an identical product according to its offer product. 8.4.4 If, after two unsuccessful attempts at delivery, the Product is returned to the Seller, the product will become, after a three-month period, the Seller's property that can be freely disposed. 8.5 - hidden Vice - Upon discovery of a defect, the Buyer must submit the application within the time and in the manner set out in Articles 1641 and following of the Civil Code. 8.6 - Cancellation - If a product was purchased from a professional seller registered as such on the site, the Buyer has a right of withdrawal. It can only be applied within seven days of receiving the product. The Buyer shall notify the Seller his wish on time via the forms on the website or any other useful way. The Seller will inform the Buyer of how to return the product. Product must be returned complete in its original packaging with all accessories and documents in a equivalent to shipping and within 7 days of the response from Seller packaging. The withdrawal can not be applied to repeatable items (CD, DVD, VHS, video games, software ...), unless they are still sealed. Return costs incurred during a withdrawal shall be borne by the Buyer. As an exception to the above, the return costs will be borne by the Seller when the latter has provided a quality product and a price equivalent to the Purchaser following the availability of the product actually ordered in accordance with Article 6.5. 8.7 Approval of the claim 8.7.1 When a product is returned as provided herein by the Buyer to the Seller and the Dealing Price was returned to him with the conditions set out in Chapter 8, the Buyer may not subsequently any right on the product concerned, which has ceased to be thus his property.   09 LIABILITY 9.1 Seller represents and warrants that it has the right to transmit (s) Product (s) sold (s) that (s) is (are) sold in any way (s) mortgaged (s) collateral (s) or more generally vest (s) in favor of a third party, and that the operation being implemented is not likely to violate the rights of third parties. Seller certifies the mere fact of the launch of the product by itself and its sale complies with the legal rules, particularly in respect of the Intellectual Property Code and any special regulations, for example, for book of the Law of 10 August 1981 Loi Lang. Prior to any offer, Seller will verify if any, including the reading of the license or any conditions for use of the Product, the rights to use the Product permitted to transfer it. The Seller warrants and shall indemnify upon first demand HairWord against any damage HairWord and against any action for damages that may be taken against HairWord on the basis of the violation of any rights of another. In the case of outright fraud (skimming, concealment, illegal import ...) HairWord communicate all necessary information, including personal information, to the relevant departments responsible for the suppression of said fraud and offenses. HairWord can not be held responsible for the offensive, slanderous and generally immoral laws and comments posted by a Member. 9.2 Unless fault of his own, HairWord can not be held liable for damage sustained by a Member, including: operating losses or information. HairWord can not be held responsible for any malfunction, failure, delay or interruption in access to the Internet. TERMINATION 10 10.1 This contract is a contract of indefinite duration. As such, it may be terminated at any time by the Member HairWord or without cause by a simple notification. 10.2 If a Member commits any of the following contractual violations or offenses sale of Prohibited Substances, opening multiple accounts to payment fraud, attempted fraud or any other criminal offense, HairWord reserves the right to suspend the member access to the Platform HairWord, without prejudice to full compensation for any damage suffered by HairWord; Seller can not rely on this assumption any costs incurred by him in connection with the launch of its products. 10.3 The suspension shall take effect only for the future. Thus, despite a suspension for any reason whatsoever, shall remain liable for the payment of commissions payable for Getting Relationship performed before the effective date of suspension.   11 GENERAL 11.1 HairWord has the right to modify these terms and conditions depending on the evolution of its product range and market. Any changes will take effect immediately for online deals from their notification to Members by any means chosen by HairWord. They do not apply to transactions in progress at the time of their entry into force. A casual, HairWord may interrupt the service for operational reasons, maintenance or in emergencies. 11.2 The Member will connect to the platform HairWord through its own telecommunications terminal equipment. HairWord only makes available any Member materials, telephone installation, terminal or other equipment or software or subscription. 11.3 The personal data members are collected, recorded and stored in accordance with the provisions of the Act relating to data, files and freedoms of January 6, 1978 CNIL under registration No. WWi0359187d Members have the right to access and correction provided by law to charge HairWord platform HairWord. 11.4 In case of force majeure, the obligations of the party prevented will be suspended, especially if: - An act or omission of government or higher authorities competent - Blockage or failure of telecommunication networks, - Insurgencies, civil war, war, military operations, national or local state of emergency, fire, lightning, explosion, strike, flood, storm, act of a third party. 11.5 The invalidity of one or more clauses of the General Conditions of Use of the Platform HairWord does not invalidate these General Conditions. 11.6 This contract is subject to French law. Any dispute with a member acting as a professional and damages arising out of the interpretation and / or implementation is within the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Paris. SARL HairWord 56 FBG capital of € 9,000 56 rue du Faubourg Montmartre 75009 PARIS VAT no R F 3 8 5 0 4 2 9 6 9 3 0 RCS Paris B 504 296 930 Siret 504 296 930 00 010