CB fully secure payment through PayPal (no PayPal account) PayPal, a leader in online payments for 10 years, accepts the most common web means of payment: CB pa directly without Paypal account



Using PayPal as a payment method to make a purchase, in France or abroad, if you do not receive your item, PayPal will refund the full amount of the transaction, including shipping. In addition to this protection is free. To qualify for this protection following main conditions: PayPal protects eligible material goods can be shipped. Non-material goods (digital goods, software downloads, services, etc.) and items delivered by hand are not covered. You must report your dispute within 45 days of your purchase and meet deadlines for complaint. The total purchase amount must be paid at once. As appropriate proof of mailing or proof of delivery will be requested to the seller. If it is unable to provide such proof, the refund will be made.


Your financial information is secure and fully covered against fraud

With its payment system among the most reliable, PayPal makes your transactionssans never disclose your bank details to beneficiaries, your email address and your password will suffice. In addition, PayPal offers full protection in the event of unauthorized use of your account by paying appropriate.